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Long Range Planning Goals

Missouri PTA is governed by a Board of Managers consisting of the elected officers, appointed committee chairmen and regional directors. Each of these members has a specific duty to ensure that Missouri PTA represents its membership and services the local units and councils. The Board of Managers has set long range planning goals to guarantee that we continue to provide for the needs of our membership. Listed below are our Long Range Planning Goals:

  • Annually review board positions: In order to meet the ever changing needs of our membership, Missouri PTA will continue to develop training for the Board of Managers and continue to review the current positions for qualifications and continuity.

  • Increase membership: In order to represent all of the children of Missouri and to provide a large advocacy base, the Board of Managers constantly looks for ways to help our units reach out to new markets as well as providing Membership Benefits.

  • Experience continuous financial growth: In order to limit the need to increase dues to improve service to our membership, Missouri PTA will continually looking for non-dues revenue in the form of grants and sponsorships.

  • Quality of service to our units: In order to increase contact with our units and our memberships, Missouri PTA is committed to a populated web site, a new unit mentoring program, monthly communications from regional directors, list serves for officers and chairmen as well as development of new sections of the web site.

  • Evaluate and develop staffing needs: In order to meet the ever changing needs of Missouri PTA, its units, councils and members, we are constantly evaluating the office staff and procedures.

Missouri PTA Board of Managers

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