Missouri PTA Sponsors

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Missouri PTA is proud to introduce our sponsors that help support the PTA effort. Please take a moment and visit these
sponsors and supporters of Missouri PTA. Many different sponsorship opportunities are available.  For more information Click here to view the 2014 Missouri PTA Sponsorship opportunities.

AIM has specialized in PTA insurance for over 17 years.  We understand your   business and the needs of your local units.  We strive to be your insurance business partner  and we’re dedicated to representing  your insurance program in a professional manner.

Build Your Dream Classroom with Promethean!Promethean_Logo_2012sm.png
Promethean's key focus is designing and developing transformational education solutions that support teaching and learning best practices. All of its interactive, integrated solutions are backed by unparalleled support and training to ensure educators have the resources they need to transform their classrooms into engaging, efficient learning environments focused on academic success for all students.

Through its Build Your Dream Classroom program, Promethean will match the amount of funds raised by your PTA, up to $3800, towards the purchase of qualifying products. With the PTA’s support, schools can purchase Promethean’s interactive whiteboards (ActivBoard), award winning Learner Response Systems (ActivExpression2, ActiVote and ActivEngage), and interactive tools (ActiView and ActivSlate) for use in the classroom.

Full details on the Build Your Dream Classroom matching funds program can be found at

ItAllCounts – Funding the Future
Do you want to increase your membership and increase funds to support your budget with little effort? Enrolling in ItAllCounts will do just that. When your parents join your PTA and your ItAllCounts program, ItAllCounts will reimburse your parents $5 to help cover the PTA membership fee. Details will be provided when you request information below. ItAllCounts does most of the work and provides personal support.
ItAllCounts plugs your PTA unit and your members into the growth of e-commerce (online shopping). Your ItAllCounts program generates a continuous source of funding for your organization. Your program is supported by over 700 retail/service providers who generously offer contributions (or rebates) on purchases made by your PTA members and their invited friends and family. The ItAllCounts platform captures those rebates as members purchase items they already want or need and automatically deposits half of the rebate into your PTA account and the other half into your members’ personal accounts. This motivates your members to keep using your ItAllCounts program. They are supporting two great causes- yours and their families.
There is NO cost for your PTA unit or members to join. Once your ItAllCounts program is launched, it is easy to manage on an ongoing basis. You receive a check once a year. Taking part in ItAllCounts doesn’t cost members any more than they are already spending online, and actually saves them money as rebates are deposited in to their account.
To request more information about how to start your organization’s ItAllCounts program, please email Kent at or email Shawn at or .