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Department of Legislation & Advocacy in Brief

Legislation and Advocacy takes place at all levels of PTA.  This document will give you a brief overview of PTA's role with regard to Legislation & Advocacy. More detailed information can be found in the Legislative Handbook.

JC/DC Member-to-Member Network

The JC/DC network is an email alert system designed to inform members when their voice is needed with regard to pending legislation in both Jefferson City and Washington D.C.  To apply for membership click here or download the JC/DC form.  Forms can be faxed, emailed or mailed to the main office.

2014 MOPTA Legislative Priorities

Each year the Missouri PTA Department of Legislation & Advocacy develops a set of priorities that are expected to be addressed in the upcoming Missouri Legislative session.  As unexpected issues emerge, Missouri PTA will act in accordance with the Resolutions and Position Statements that have been approved by the membership.  A complete list of Missouri PTA Resolutions and Position Statements are available on our website under Resolutions (please make the word resolutions a link to the page).  The National PTA Resolutions and Position Statements can be found here (insert the link on the word 'here').

2014 National PTA Federal Public Policy Agenda

The 2014 National PTA Federal Public Policy Agenda is now available. Each year, National PTA publishes its top federal policy priorities and recommendations for Congress and the Administration. The 2014 agenda features four key policy areas:  education, child health and nutrition, school safety, and juvenile justice and delinquency prevention.

2012 National PTA Election Guide

How to be a PTA Legislative Chair -  this guide provides new and seasoned Legislative chairs with an outline of what the position entails and prominent events during the year.

Legislative Chair report template and monthly report suggestions

Corresponding with Representatives - template and sample letter

Tips for Meeting with Your Legislator

The National PTA Online Advocacy Toolkit includes information on how a bill becomes a law, working with the media, Federal appropriations and much more.

The National PTA newsroom is a great source for current PTA articles and press releases.   PTA's Advocacy Coordinator Erica Lue posts articles under the Advocacy category.  This is a great site to find articles for your own local newsletters and correspondences.

Common Core State Standards Toolkit - More than 45 states have formally adopted the Common Core State Standards, and National PTA has been at the forefront educating parents and communities about the new standards, their implementation, and the impact they will have on our children and schools. The Common Core toolkit includes a variety of resources relating to the new standards, including:

  • Common Core history and basic information,
  • assessment tools,
  • parent guides,
  • frequently asked questions, and
  • state-specific resource lists.

What Every Parent Should be Asking about Education Data - this guide offers helpful tips for parents who want to know more about how their state collects, uses and protects their student's privacy.

"The Truth About Vouchers" - this fact sheet provides informational points concerning education vouchers (sometimes referred to as tax credits, tax deductions, scholarship deduction or scholarship credit)

Missouri House website

Missouri Senate

America's Children in Brief: Key National Indicators of Well-Being

The Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics each year publishes a report on the well-being of children and families. The data is collected through a coordinated effort among 22 Federal agencies. From this data indicators relating to the well-being of children and families are grouped into seven categories - Family and Social Environment, Economic Circumstances, Health Care, Physical Environment and Safety, Behavior, Education and Health. This resource is a wealth of information for child welfare advocates. You can find this resource at

School Board Candidate Forums and Questionnaires

This step-by-step "How To" guide was created to assist our units and councils who would like to host School Board Candidate forums or conduct candidate questionnaires. School Board Questionnaires And Forums.pdf

Kids First Town Hall Planning Resources

Download electronic copies to use in your Town Hall planning the entire step-by-step guide is located in the Legislative Handbook.