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The first step to getting involved in PTA is to become a member! There are three basic avenues for personal membership in PTA.

  1. Join a Local PTA unit - Contact the Missouri PTA state office to find a PTA in your area.
  2. Join the Show Me PTA unit
  3. Organize a New PTA

KNOW ABOUT YOUR KIDOnce you are a member, the opportunities for involvement are limitless. There is a place for everyone in PTA! Everyone must have the same goal – collaborating together to make decisions affecting children the best they can possibly be.

For more information on great ways to make a difference in your child's life through Parent Involvement, click on the following links:

Be sure to also explore programs and other information for being an informed parent.


PARENTS – Parent involvement is critical to student success. When parents are involved

  • Higher grades and test scores are the result
  • Better attendance by students with involved parents
  • More consistently completed homework
  • Higher graduation rates, and greater enrollment in post secondary education

SCHOOL COMMUNITY – Administrators, faculty, and school boards are key to establishing and maintaining the environment for successful parent involvement programs. Communication and a willingness to listen are paramount to fostering mutual respect, support, and trust between the school community and parents. When the school community involves parents in collaborative efforts

  • Site-based management teams are encouraged
  • Parents attend meetings more often, and feel they have a voice in decision-making
  • Policies affecting children are made at the local and district level by committees working together
  • Communication and greater understanding is enhanced between the school community and parents

COMMUNITY AT LARGE – Groups in the community, not limited to the following, social service, city, and county agencies, religious and civic organizations, university and/or college service learning, corporations and businesses are all starting points for involvement. Remember, student's of today become tomorrow's employees and community members! When the community is involved

  • Students gain skills and talents from surroundings and feel a sense of value to their community ;
  • Develop positive relationships with adults other than parents and teachers;
  • Parents develop connections with other families and community resources
  • Gain awareness of the contributions from the community to the school;
  • Communities form connections between businesses and future employees;
  • Gain a greater sense of purpose by contributing their wisdom to students.