Missouri PTA Sponsors

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Missouri PTA is proud to introduce our sponsors that help support the PTA effort. Please take a moment and visit these
sponsors and supporters of Missouri PTA. Many different sponsorship opportunities are available.  For more information Click here to view the  2014 Missouri PTA Sponsorship opportunities.

The Megan Meier Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization started by Tina Meier following the tragic suicide of her daughter in 2006, which stemmed from an online hoax perpetrated by an adult neighbor.  The mission of the Megan Meier Foundation is to promote awareness, education and positive change in response to the issues surrounding bullying and cyber bullying.  In an effort to fulfill the organization’s mission, Tina and her staff offer a number of beneficial programs including speaking engagements, annual large-scale leadership workshops, scholarship opportunities for high school seniors, and support and referral services through their community resource center.  Questions regarding the Megan Meier Foundation, can be made by phone at 636-757-3501 or email: