Alcohol Awareness Month

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How Do We Teach Them to Resist Peer Pressure When It Comes to Alcohol?

Research shows that most young people, 12- to 20-year-olds, do not consume alcohol.  However, when it comes to underage drinking, many tweens and teens tend to believe the myth that “everyone is doing it.”  This misconception could easily lead them to conclude that they should be trying alcohol too, so they will fit in.

Giving students the facts about alcohol, both the dangers and the statistics on how much drinking is really going on, and arming them with coping strategies to handle peer pressure can help in the fight to prevent underage drinking.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Parents and teachers may find the resources listed below useful in educating kids, tweens and teens against underage drinking:


· The Cool Spot

· Laws in Your State - National Minimum Drinking Age Act

· Too Smart to Start

· Activities: Reach Out Now (PDF)

· Booklet: I Wasn't Having Fun Anymore (PDF)

· Lesson Plan: Reach Out Now (PDF)

· Lesson Plans: Stop Underage Drinking A Safe Place to Learn and Play


Snack Facts: Raising the Bar on Nutrition Standards in Schools

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While some schools have already implemented higher nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in vending machines and a la carte food lines, the US Department of Agriculture has not updated their rules since 1979.  New rulings will go into effect in September 2014, so some schools may see nutrition improvements in the future.