Fire Up Your Feet!

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National PTA has partnered with Safe Routes to School National Partnership and Kaiser Permanente with a new physical activity fundraising program that encourages families to walk more to and from school and in daily life while keeping track of their steps, and raising money for their PTA or school. This program is called Fire Up Your Feet and it basically provides a fun new opportunity for families to become more active while spending quality time together AND helping out their PTAs/PTSAs and schools!

The Basic Concept:

- PTAs register online for Fire Up Your Feet and recruit families to participate.

- Build a family fundraising page and recruit sponsors (i.e., friends, family) via an online donation form.

- Families walk together, share valuable conversation and learning experiences, while building positive behaviors and a love for physical activity.

- Families track their walks with user-friendly online tools and raise money for their PTAs. 75% of the raised funds go directly to the PTA, while the other 25% goes toward efforts to support more safe routes to schools.

- PTAs celebrate success! The funds raised can help support other healthy lifestyle initiatives.

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